Awesome music.......get lost indians we have ali muuhammad taji
Shakeel Tariq: Taji full malangi
Shakeel Tariq: Taji full malangi
Sheraz Uddin: Can any body tell when was this song and video first released?
Khan Shahid: Full Drank
Mehdi ali: Respect from Melbourne,Australia...
Ruwaid100: wah wah
sinstyle2: hope he z nt indian a**hole
m ali khan: for broken ppl heart tuching song...
saim arman: par is ka koi karay ga kia ya to mehkaday ka niazam ha
aviationcraft: gr8 thing to listen
Zahid Hussain: wa wa wa yadain taaza kar di
adil40420: xx
Saad Don: Wah wah maza a gaya
Dr. Muzammil Irshad: Awesome poetry and acting!
jigar001: yes he has drunk.........
kupatta: He has passed away few days ago...... May his soul rest in peace ameen
ranablogs: He is from Karachi. He is not drunk , must have taken some GUTKA. :)
DrFaisal Punjabi: Musalman are the best musicians in the world !
Wajid Ashti: this is awesome
SAFIR521: one of the greatest song ever
MegaJudges: ali taji rocks ... he is atrue maykash..... like this qawali... great poetry
adeelzarobi: Fuck Indians and fuck their BUGWANS
Hassan Mumtaz: He shall never ever be forgotten the king
DrFaisal Punjabi: I always thougth sarap to be haram ? lol. of course i know this song ist allegorical for the intoxication by Divine love.like Aziz Mian sings in his qawalli chants
Ahmed Shabir: sala sharaaabiii
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