Brick Stitch Essentials from Beads East

Brick stitch tutorial in depth, featuring increases and decreases, shaping, and how to get started
perri six
Informative yet succinct! Thank you!
Maryfrances Botkin
When starting your second row, ALWAYS add TWO beads and go under the SECOND 
thread bridge. This hides the thread from showing on the side of the seed 
bead at the beginning of the row. :)
Karen Burnett
I just want to thank you for this excellent visual learning tool! I have 
been struggling with written instructions to learn what is described as a 
beginner stitch. Your video make it crystal clear! Awesome! 
Kathy Scribner
Ann,This was the best teaching method I have EVER seen of brick stitch. I 
was working on a project in brick and could not figure out how to increase 
by more than two of more. I'm a somewhat beginner in brick and my down fall 
is that I dive into something without learning it first. I was about to 
pull out my hair or my husbands. LOL!!!! Thanks again for sharing. 
Ann, this was beautifully clear. Thank you. I was blown away by the 
earrings shown at 1:45. Do you have any tutorials which teach 3D brick 
Ann Benson
Great comment!
love bead east vids 
Missmoe Harrington
But you can use colored Nymoo thread now, In my opinion it is more 
supportive in your project to not begin with the two bead step.So I do 
differ with the Always advice.
Maryfrances Botkin
Still, I'm a perfectionist and I don't like when threads show. Just me. :) 
this has helped so much
This was a PERFECT tutorial! Finally I got it. LOL!! Thank you so much!
Elenka Cvetkova
Спасибо!!! :)
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